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Some Important Facts and Tips About Credit Card Readers

Are you aware of how a credit card reader is able to work? Credit card readers come in handy when there is a need for you to accept credit point of sale. They are also capable of accepting customer cards, gift certificates, and employee cards.

It is undeniable how major the role credit cards play in the world of business. This is why a credit card reader is also important because they make sure that every credit card is read and processed to finish a sale transaction. The information that a reader is able to obtain from a credit card is crucial to passing essential information as well as validating if the credit card has the necessary amount for the purchase.

It is important to know the fundamentals of a credit card reader first if you want to know how it really works.

So, how does it function?

“Will that be American Express, MasterCard, or Visa?” Such a line is usually being the one thrown at credit card holders by merchants when they have decided to make a purchase. If you are using a credit card yourself, then surely you have noticed a shiny black stripe that is on the back portion of your credit card. This black part is what is being read as you swipe your credit card to make a purchase. It comprises essential information that is crucial to validating your transactions.

Swiping of credit card is necessary so that the information on the black stripe is sent to a central tracking and billing system. This particular system serves a lot of functions, one being having the ability to send your information to your credit card company. If the credit card company will be sent a confirmation from the issuing bank, it then pushes through with one from two actions. First, the company confirms that the credit card is legitimate and the amount for the purchase is just below the client’s spending limit. Second, the company may not allow your transaction if you are already in serious debt and is still doing payment transactions way above your spending limit.

So, what comprises a typical credit card reader?

The typical credit card reader comprises a keypad for entering information, a tiny display, and a magnetic stripe reader. They can be attached through a USB or through a keyboard wedge serial port (RS-232). They also come with a built-in printer or come attached to a separate unit.

Displays are of different kinds. If you have a bigger display, then you are able to view more information in just one glance. Getting display with backlight is also advantageous if you want to use your reader in low light settings.

The keypads also come with different keys and sizes. Having much bigger keypads guarantees convenience. Getting a keypad with more keys also allow you to personalize keys of your commonly used utilities.

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