What Do Clients Want to Know: Giving Readers What they Want in the Development of an Industrial Blog

Advertising & Marketing

What do readers want to know? The greatest obstacle in making a blog in an industrial capacity (aside from just getting it done in the first place) is getting over the question of what people want to read. The blog will fall flat with uninteresting or uncompelling content. It will fall flat if it isn’t something readers need and want.

Manufacturers can deliver a strong website and blog if they can capture what their readers want to know. This can begin internally by asking those already associated with the team and can end externally by hiring an outside firm in marketing and development.

The Sales Team

Knowing what clients may want may begin with the collection of what sales members want to know and what their current contacts want to know. For example, the sales team has many questions about costs. A perfect blog article would be on the allocation of costs and the breakdown in manufacturing. Now, this information should not be too detailed, as they can offer more than is necessary (and to competitors, too). But, it can highlight some basic breakdowns of costs of manufactured products, and what can be done to improve it.

Industry and entertainment

The best blogs ultimately have a mixture of content types. This includes two core types and a third lesser main type. The first two main types are educational and entertainment. The latter can also be called industry pieces. Educational content is strict advice. It serves the purpose of informing the reader. The industry pieces are education-based, and they help offer readers a place to read about the industry that interests them. The third major piece type could be strictly promotional. It could be an article about what the company provides and what they fix. These are less common because the former two article types can also serve the purpose of being promotional.

Blog developers need to offer their readers what they care about, and that can arise in a few ways. Learn more about industrial blogging at http://industrial.prontomarketing.com/. The website covers a range of marketing services that specifically cater to the needs of manufacturers.