Reviewing The Requirements For A Legal Secretary Job


In Australia, lawyers require a larger staff to manage their office. Among these workers are legal secretaries. The secretaries don’t manage just simple tasks like standard secretaries. The position requires extensive knowledge of the law. A recruiter can assist hopeful candidates in their search for a legal secretary position.

What Tasks are Performed by a Legal Secretary?

The legal secretary creates documents for the attorney. The type of documents depends on which area of the law the attorney practices. For example, the secretary may create divorce agreements or summons for a lawsuit. They create correspondences for the attorney related to each case managed by the attorney. These candidates also file casefiles and record notes during critical meetings. The workers must complete all tasks based on applicable laws.

What are the Educational Requirements?

The educational requirements for a legal secretary could range between a certificate or an associate degree program. The candidate must have formal training to become a legal secretary. The attorney defines which program is acceptable based on their need for a secretary. However, the candidate must understand legal terms and jargon to create files and manage documents for the cases. Through their training, the secretary learns the exact format for these documents.

What Salary Opportunities are Available?

The salary for a legal secretary could range around $46,670. However, this is the top salary achievements in this area. The specific location of the job position could play a role the top earning capacity for these job positions.

Is On-The-Job Training Available?

Select employers may provide some training for the legal secretary. If the employer intends to provide the candidate with a promotion in the future, training courses may be provided. The courses prepare them for advanced positions within the law firm. This could include paralegal positions based on the candidate’s merit and skill level.

In Australia, lawyers hire secretaries to manage day-to-day tasks for their firms. These tasks could include creating legal documentation or correspondences. The secretaries may also manage incoming calls and customer service for clients. Candidates who want to acquire a position as a legal secretary can visit and submit an application now.