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Recommended Tick and Flea Treatment

Tick and flea are pet parasites that fed on the blood of the host. Preventing and effective measures should be used to eradicate these parasites from causing diseases to the animals. Flea drop treatment is a type of treatment that can be used on both cats and dogs to get rid of ticks and fleas. The treatment is placed on the skin of the animal, and it contains insecticides that eradicate the flea or the tick.

Natural means can also be used to kill the flea and tick. Plants like the eucalyptus are just but a few plants that can keep the parasites away from the fur’s coat. The eucalyptus has a scent that is not liked by the parasites. A repellent known as the borax is nontoxic and it keeps the fleas away from the dog and the cat. For tick repellent it is placed on the collar of the pet. Oil can be used to kill the parasite, and the oil is called tickweed it is effective in the elimination of fleas.

The collars prevent future bites by the parasites, and it keeps the fleas away. All the fleas should be treated first to ensure that the collar works on eradicating the parasites. Flea spray and powders have the power of making the parasites stay away from the pets. These powders and spray contain insecticides that effectively eliminates the flea.

Flea shampoo can also be used to kill the parasites. Insecticide endowed shampoo is advised to e replaced with the flea shampoo by the vets. Powders and spray can be the solution if the shampoo in question causes allergic reactions to the pets.

Cleanliness is essential in eliminating these parasites, and one should always ensure that the house s clean together with the pets. Using chemicals to clean the house helps to eliminate the parasites from the house. Vacuum your home thoroughly even the corners of the home should be cleaned. New carpets are easy to manage, so in case your carpet gets old you need to buy a new one which is easy to manage. Some fleas may be breeding in the garden. Treatment should be done in the garden to ensure that the garden is free from parasites. Gardens should be made clean. While eliminating the ticks and the flea you need to be careful not to be attacked by them. Be Careful not to make your pets close with those of other people mostly at the parks.

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