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Not only is staffs of a given entity , is the employer s responsibility, but according to many countries in the world regarding safety and precaution measures in workplace it is his responsibility plus all the equipment and asserts therein. In the recent days many online safety programs have come up to help the employer and the employees to bridge in the necessary safety training that needs to be given to them, this will ensure that the employer submits to the codes and ethics of doing business.

Maintaining the company’s objective and making sure that it maintains its target is another aim of maintaining safety in workplace, this will also ensure that the company’s asserts and staff are always safe and secure. Oilfield online training is one among the many training we have in the recent past, it is advisable if this kind of training is to be given to any company whose activity revolves around oilfields it is good to make sure that all the employees are trained regardless whether they are employed on temporal or permanent contract. Forming a committee on safety should be one of the duties of an employer so as to ensure safety is not taken for granted in the organization this committee should be in charge of training all new staff on how thing are done in a specific organization.

Customization of all employees should be considered when looking for that online safety program to ensure that all employees are trained on what they perform, that is if one is a plant operator he is trained on that area plus all online safety programs should be in line with the government regulations.

Among the best advantages of online safety program is portability, this is because unlike in other forms of training where the trainer must be there to train, online training just requires maybe DVD where the training is stored. Convenience is another advantage that is there for any one taking the online safety program, this is due to the factor that the user can clearly know when and how it’s convenient for him to undertake the training. Costs incurred in other training say for example face to face training is quite an expensive bearing in mind there may be have travelling fee, food charges, and accommodation if the safety training was to take more than one day, but in online safety training all those costs are reduced to null. It is quite enjoyable when taking online safety program that’s why many people are preferring it nowadays than the commonly used safety training.

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