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Advantages of Sending Your Child to a Private School

To teach their children the important skills for an ever-evolving world, many parents are investing in private school education. Ranging from preschools to boarding schools to alternative schools, there is almost definitely a school to match every child’s needs and requirements.

Here are more specific reasons you should, like many parents, give your children private school education no less:

More Academic Opportunities

Private schools provide a whole variety of academic programs, such as Advanced Placement courses and the International Baccalaureate programme, to name just two. Private school students typically score high on college entrance exams and standardized tests, and these schools generally have close to a 100 percent rate of students who get accepted into their universities of choice.

Less Students

Research has shown that smaller classes have average students scoring higher on academic achievement tests. Private schools vary substantially in size, but depending on their teaching philosophy, virtually all put weight on the importance of maintaining small class sizes to be able to help students individually in overcoming weak areas and reinforcing their strengths.

Active Parental Involvement

From periodic parent-teacher meetings to family-led fund-raising initiatives to social events like parent breakfasts and more, private school students’ families become part of the child’s educational journey. With such activities, parents and children and even siblings, among themselves, have more chances of strengthening their bonds.

A Safe Community

Private schools are popular for imposing high standards for discipline and respect. This, in combination with many other factors, discourages misconduct. The discipline students learn also increases their rates for success in college.

A Close-Knit Family

Surveys indicate at least 62 percent of families with children enrolled in private schools believe that these youngsters are in supportive and nurturing hands. Private school alumni often have a great sense of pride as a community, creating vast networking opportunities as new graduates join the workforce.

Extracurricular Activities

Private schools are mainly focused on academics, but they provide well-rounded education and encourage students to take part in extracurricular activities from like sports, music and more. Such participation helps provide intellectual stimulation to students and offers a necessary break from the demands of academics, while building skills and improving social abilities.

Common Educational Philosophy

No matter the learning method you prefer for your children’s education, you will probably find a private school that perfectly fits your own educational philosophy.

Proactive Education

Lastly, private schools offer not only subjects that are mandatory under the provincial curriculum, but also a wide array of specializations, including programs for students who have physical, developmental or and behavioral problems. Research goes a long way in determining which private school is the most appropriate for your child.

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