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Signs You should Consult a Gynecologist

Gynecologists are medical professionals who are specialized in treating health conditions that affect the reproductive systems of females. Visit your gynecologist regularly because the checkups will help the to diagnose health problems and treat you on time. These are the warning signs you should consult a gynecologist.

Your period should not stop showing up in your reproductive years. You should also visit the gynecologist if you are receiving irregular periods. When you take too long to experience your periods in the late teenage years, visit a gynecologist. The pill, hormonal imbalance, ovulatory disorder, emotional or physical stress, illness or pregnancy cause these problems.

You should enjoy making love butt if you do not get aroused while at the moment, get assistance from the gynecologist. There are many reasons that make a woman lose interest while having sex but the gynecologists of the one to diagnose the truth.

Lubes will help you to overcome pin during sex. You may be having the pains during sex because of a ruptured ovarian cyst, inflamed cervix because of STIs or yeasts infections, fibroids, swollen pelvis, or cervicitis.

When the vagina is dry, the woman feels pain when making love. Hormonal imbalance, dermatological problems, and other health conditions greatly contribute to dryness of the vagina. You should not use lubes without the consent of the gynecologist because some of them are harmful, they will rest the hormonal changes and treat other health conditions. Women experience extreme hormonal changes at menopause.

There are times when you will experience light bleeding even when it not yet time for you to have periods. Some family planning pills and pregnancies cause spotting in some women because of their body types. If spotting continues for a few days or you have heavy bleeding, please take caution. Spotting may be a warning sign for a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Pelvic infection, polyps, fibroids, cysts, or gynecological cancer lead to spotting.

Women feel cramps during their periods, but severe pain is abnormal. Pains during periods may seem normal to you because you may have been having them ever since your first period, but when they intensify, later on, you need help from a gynecologist. Tumors in the female reproductive system cause intense cramping of the abdominal muscles hence they lead to more pain.

When you notice an irritating smell from your genitals, the smell is not caused by normal discharge because it is odorless. Irritability and rashes around the genitals mostly accompany the foul-smelling discharge. A common STI called bacterial vaginosis trichomoniasis, and yeast infection cause the smelling discharge that comes in colors that are not normal. Do not use scented products to wash the genitals without the advice of the gynecologists.

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