Wanting a Site That Did It All


One of the dreams that I have always had was to build a website that was able to be fun but also help people make some money. I had looked into sites like a freelance job hub, a site that you earned money through clicks and surveys, and a site that you just came to and got a penny every visit. None of these sites really worked out for me and my ideas. It wasn’t until my friend started to discuss betting web sites that a light bulb went off in my head.

After failed attempts at builing websites and designing them for other people, I was at a loss. I couldn’t think of what I should be doing. I knew a website was the answer but the problem was which kind? I had a long talk with my friend and he mentioned that he spent a lot of time on betting sites. I asked if he had won money and of course he had. He told me that he’s won a lot of money.

My brain started working, what if there was a site that you could bet on, but also make money? What if this site also gave you money even if you lost? The idea (to me) was genuis and I started working on the idea. Winning bets would earn your money back plus a % from all the losing bets. The losing bets would get a % of their money back. I didn’t think that this would work out, but when I launched the site we had a few visitors at first but it really grew in a few years time.

Now my site is one of the largest hubs for betting online. We get a lot of unique visitors each day and a lot of them return after placing their first bets. I still feel like I am helping people, but they are also having a lot of fun as well!