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How to Select the Best Propeller for Your Boat

Basically, there are two main factors that determine the selection of a good boat propeller and they are the size of the propeller and the horsepower of the engine. These are the two factors that will determine the fuel efficiency of the engine and the optimal performance of the same. However there are other points that will be worth considering as you go for the best of the propellers and these factors such as the pitch, number of blades, and the material from which the propeller is made.

The diameter and the pitch of the propeller are actually some of the very significant factors that you will be required to have in mind as you go shopping for the best of the propellers for the motor boat. The diameter is the circle that is made by the propeller when rotating and the pitch is the distance to which the boat is moved by every single rotation of the blade. Looking at the pitch in particular you need to ensure that the pitch enables the boat to acquire maximum momentum. So as to ensure that you are actually going for the propeller that has been pitched right and with the required diameter for its use, you will have to go to the manual as given by the manufacturers of the boat engine and look up their recommendations and specifications. If you cannot find these specifications by the boat engine manufacturers for the ideal motor engine propeller for your boat, then it may be all too wise to reach for the advice or opinion as may be given by the dealers who as well tend to have some expertise tips on the best of the motor propellers which will be great for the engines as per their experience and skills as well.

The suitability of the propeller is as well affected and determined by the number of blades that the propeller has and this we have mentioned above. Propeller often come fitted with three or four blades on them. Ideally, the four blade prop is better when you consider the fact that it is faster, quick at acceleration, less slippage amongst a host of other benefits as a boat rider. The three blade propeller is generally recommended for speed boating and racing boats as they have the advantage of a kind in enabling you to achieve top most speeds on them. Three blade propellers can actually be changed to four blade propellers by simply reducing an inch of the diameter. The other factor that you may consider concerning the blade is the cupping of the blade.

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