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Health Hacks for you

I know what you are thinking, oh no. That all the kales, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflowers are making their way towards you. You try to run but you find yourself on the treadmill. When it stops, you are over the moon with joy except its short lived when you discover that you are in a boxing room. It’s bad enough you are alone but it gets worse when your escape plan is ruined by the jumping rope that ties you up. It’s bad , really bad because the vegetables have just gotten way to close to you and are trying to invade your body. Relax it isn’t as bad as you think. As a matter of fact, it could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

It’s rare actually to find junk saints . Nobody is going for the mango with that much chocolate chip available. I mean it would be sad to find your dentist or doctor on the Forbes magazine knowing that it was you money that got them there. Sugar is a drug and you will need time to take it off your system. Having some nice whole meal lunch coupled with your favorite ice cream dessert might be a start. Consistently and with time you’ll find it very comfortable to adapt to good ole veggies. If veggies look great on the plate, your taste buds might be forgiving. The brain is boss, make it happy and you might be surprised at how much you love your greens.

Burn those calories and build those muscles. Your body will very much reward you by fitting snugly into your dream clothes if you are intentional about exercising. If you loathe the gym , then your favorite sport can get you where you want. It could be the next big thing you want to do. Dancing yourself to fitness is not a bad idea either. The end justifies the means. Those pills that can magically reduce your weight within a blink of an eye are bad news to say the least

Meditation is the best new thing in town. Feeling peaceful about yourself is important even though you might find it depressing to just sit quietly in the middle of your living room with your eyes closed. That doesn’t spark interest , the benefits however are worth giving an leg and an arm for, well not literally. The good with the bad, remember? If you’ve tried really hard and it doesn’t work, a therapist can be of great help. It could be as simple as sharing with friends or family if you have purposed to save for that get away. Nobody is saying that you can’t get away with talking to your friends or family if you’d rather spend your hard earned money on a holiday instead of a therapist.

I’m sorry but there is just no way you are quitting your medication. Medication is not nice, however if your banking on living a nice happy life especially when your condition requires it then you swallow hard. If your dream is to live as long as your uncle Fred then your medication is a good price for it. If you really want to stop you can go to your doctor for further consultation. This is a recipe for a happy healthier you.