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Flea and Tick Treatment: Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

Fleas and ticks are external parasites that wreak havoc to your pet and cause physical harms such as skin problems, arthritis as well as depression. This is now the part where flea and tick treatment becomes to a great degree vital. Spring is a season that you should welcome but something unwelcoming about it is the fact that it bring along with it the flea. These pests are carriers of the parasite tapeworm. Hence, such things lead to harsh itching making your pet miserable. Another villain to look after to is the tick. Ticks come in various kinds and pose danger to their host. Like miniature vampire, fleas and ticks both strive on blood from pets and they have to be eradicated as soon as possible. The ideal way to stop the problem is to prevent it.

Babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, skin irritation, anemia, lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, allergies and in some instances even death are some of the troubles these fleas and ticks cause on pets. Flea and tick treatment is then highly recommended. The first move then is to run your own physical check-up on your pet if it is being infested by either fleas or ticks or both. When you have discovered that your poor pet is being pestered by fleas and ticks, you should not worry since there are many ways to eradicate those pests. You can choose from an array of parasite-repellant and parasite-killing products in the market.

Products are in two kinds: natural and chemical. Some effective flea and tick treatment can be as follows:

1. You can try dabbing a cotton ball with alcohol to the fleas on your pet. Alcohol slows down the movement of the fleas which is why it is easy for you to catch them. Then, you can drown the flea in a cup of water. Before the fleas can make an escape plan, you have to immediately empty the cup by dumping the content into the toilet then flushing it.

2. Using liquid soap on the tick will help in disarming it. A tick cannot be killed easily by drowning in water, so you can choose to wrap it in a tissue, flush it in the toilet or drown it in alcohol.

There are flea and ticks shampoos and sprays that you can use.

4. A tick tweezers or scoop are helpful to gently pull the tick away from the hair of your pet until the grip of the tick is released. Don’t leave any body part of the tick when on the process of removal.

5. Dip your pet in pyrethrin dip to get rid of pests. You also have to treat the house to keep it free from pests. Many people have tried this procedure and find it effective in flea and tick eradication.

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